and thus proving that south dakota really seems to not care for its rep any plus risking a lot of damage including proably losing chances at conferances or even concerts now because of the states legislatures new attack against transgender groups and its anti gay views. from the bathroom and sports bills making their way through to the senate to also a new one that would let business discriminate against transgenders and gays and also unmarried or young pregnant woman too. and be protected if they have a contract with the state. but also of course the old religeous beliefs protected again. which has civil liberty groups and the aclu geared up for war. unless by some miracle the govenror has some common sense and vetoes all those bills even though odds are sadly he does the legislature will try an override. or the backlash gets some legislatures mostly to protect their butts vote down the things other wise south dakota gets ready to pay a high price for going and making itself if some of the stupid legislatures who don’t use their brains in my opinion when it comes to some of the bills. wind up having their way and make the state being one where gays and transgender and even unmarried couples and woman including pregnant woman need not come to live here unless you want to be treated as a second class citizen. south dakota getting ready to pay a price which would be besides conventions saying no to coming to south dakota plus concerts and acts that would maybe at last give south dakota a chance will wind up saying nope not due to their views of equality . south dakota risking paying a price of being a state of hate against some people by the actions of the legislature going on right now.