and to say that both barry and cisco were not really ready for earth two on the flash would be wrong. for when they go with wells to finaly go find zoom and free his kind they run into trouble from the start from the portal barry and cisco not prepared for the alternate versions including barry learning he and iris are married. joe is a singer. and his mother is alive . plus crossing catilins double aka killer frost and firestorm aka death storm who winds up killing joe as jay fills in for flash on earth by having to take velocity again.and cisco while tracking killer frost and death storm winds up face to face with his double who they take orders from and plots to take down zoom who finaly comes a calling and takes every one out and barry taken prisoner as a little trip winds up proving bad for the flash. as the flash at last goes to earth two. plus also flash fans got a little suicide squad tease as iris partner went by the name of floyde lawton aka dead shot.