even though schools took care of the issue about transgender students wanting to play on a team they feel is right for them even if its not the sex they were born with by having a policy letting it happen if the student files the paper work for a okay plus complies with title x. even though the school has taken care of the non issue to most. south dakota legislature proving that the brains are gone manage to pass the bill in the house that would require a student who is trans to play on a sport as their birth sex. which not only is asking for lawsuits but proving that south dakota seems to have some flames of hate and wants to target a group . for odds are that assine bill will pass the senate too. as the first of the bills of hate and bigotry passes the state house. which means teams may be deprived some good players all due to them maybe being trans gender. and too scared to play now because of the bigotry of the south dakota legislature