not only proving that amc does think out of the box after all it okayed the tv show of the walking dead and lets kirkman be able to try and keep as much violence from the comics as the censors will allow. including Negan coming in a few days. plus also taking a risk with a tv version of dcs preacher. and now thinking out of the box amc has okayed a talk show with of all people by kevin smith and heros alum greg grumberg. the thirty minute show will feature clips interviews talk celebs and even man on the street things. fandom through the lens of a fan boy aka kevin smith . and greg and will debute and kick off its first episode in time for sd comic con. in july which also means kevin is proably doing double duty for comic book men now along with his other film projects .so far the show will have a total of eight episodes total and will debute summer. as amc thinks out of the box and gives kevin smith of comic book men fame another platform to share his geek love. a talk show. and if they want to really give it a chance it should follow walking dead or at least after talking dead