and citing that he has not met a trans gender student when asked if he would actully consider not only putting south dakota schools at risk of legal bills and challenges if the thing should be law but also be okay with following those in south dakota’s legislature time wasting stupidity who would rather interfer with ones right to go to the bathroom then do something good for the state like teachers pay raise. when one can’t legislate morality plus the thing is just asking for trans gender students to get open to harrassement not to mention the embarressment of having to ask schools to make acomemdations if it becomes law they can only use the locker room or bahtroom of their birth sex not the sex they id with. for daugard is actully seriously looking to let south dakota become a state of hate to trangender treat them like second class citizens the first of the discrimation bills. hope he thinks and decides by some miracle not to sign the bathroom bill.but sadly odds are he will