and getting a little parental this time around. from liz finding a couple that will give her an open adoption at last and her telling red that her line of work is still not safe for a baby as tom trying to make some money winds up paying a big price mostly winding injured badly later. from the job. while red and liz deal with a character called lady ambrosia who is kidnapping and making kids who have some metal problems like severe austim vanish sparing them from the hatred of the world. as they find out when lady ambrosia latest victims shows back up for his family much to the fathers wife dislike since she paid to make the boy vanish. and thus liz winds up testing her parental skills. while red takes things once again in his own hands and turns the tables on ambrosia . plus tells liz that the real fate of her parents were that she killed them both by accident with a gun. the truth or is it more of red covering his tracks . plus red also shows he does have a heart when after doing his thing with ambrosia he is given what he asked for as payment a file on lizs mother . as the black list gets parental. plus tom gets in real trouble aka bad shape. and given how red does not like him a upcoming oppurtunity for red to pull something.