don’t know what is crazier on shark tank sometime the cockiness of some of those who enter the tank or their lack of being prepared really as two who entered found out the hard way even with a guest shark. from a guy who created a plate that scans and gives you the calorie count of your food. the guy screwed up and didn’t get a deal for the prototype of the plate was not working at all. then came a pair of ladies who found a way to make honey out of plants. and wound up with a three shark deal. one shark having to beg to be back in his own deal after mr wonderful did some dirty dealing. a three shark deal. for new way to get honey. then came a thing that not only had the sharks laughing but also freaked out floaties for babies no deal. for there is nothing to realy market or use. or a way to get a patent since floats are already on the market for pools. then came a guy who created an app for shirts so one can find the right size right away . but his cockiness wound up screwing himself as he was offered two big deals and he rejected them both and walked away with nothing. honey shirts and plates on shark tank. and few learn a hard lesson be prepared and not cocky when you enter the tank. plus if a shark offers you a deal take it.