first off those who did not see last nights walking dead. spoiler warnings. the walking dead came back for the rest of its season with daryle sasha and abrham sending a clear message to Negan’s men which will no doubt come to bite them in the end by the finale when Negan himself shows up in the flesh with lucille. by daryle blowing all of negans mens to bit . as in alexandrie things get bad for rick and michone and co as sam winds up not making it through all the way and freaks and gets eaten by a zombie. then rick has to chop off his lady friends hand when she joins sam and gets eaten. leaving ron with no family who goes to finaly shoot carl. and winds up joining sam and his mother by michone running him through but not before carl takes a bullet to the eye which fans of the comic knew was coming . one of the most brutal scenes in the walking dead finaly happens. carl pays with an eye for an eye. as glen and maggie are reunited. glen trying to save her and carol shows she still has it taking out the wolf. at last. as carl is tended too and rick in in grief goes one man army and inspires the citizens of alexandria that they can survive as soon the walkers get a butt kicking by daryle blowing them up again. as the walking dead fans get the most brutal scene of the whole series carl loses his eye. which will be matched when Negan comes a calling and some one gets a whacking by lucile as the walking dead is bacck to finish its season . with blood and nastiness galore