and thus as expected mostly due to the stall tactics they did since they wanted enough time to try and kill it and only by one vote yes one vote and south dakotas legislature for now since there are still other versions they want to consider to give teachers a pay raise. by one vote the house voted down a bill that would give south dakota teachers a pay raise. due to it including a tax increase excuse that the middle class and poor people would be hurt by the taxes. but the thing was gong to be a hard sell from day one due mostly to have a tax raise. though the thing could be revived and voted on again later. or just one of the of the other versions passed that does not include the tax raise. as legislatures for now say a fuck you to south dakota teachers vote down by one vote a pay raise so far. the only one good thing until they revise and vote again on the bill and pass something. is that they were warned that if teachers did not get a pay raise they don’t either for the sponsor of a bill to raise the legislatures pay stated if they did not pass the teachers pay raise they he would go and kill the bill to give them one also and since they just did this no pay raise for them either. a price for saying fuck you to hard working teachers all because the thing had a tax hike that south dakotans stated they were willing to pay a no no for repubs.