and hopefully though odds are a third time the charms thing may be needed for teachers pay in south dakota. or given how much time the legislature is wasting on things like denying the right to transgender kids the right to use the bathroom. the issue of teachers pay may wind up being the one issue it takes the whole legislature session to finaly pass . as for the second time and also this time the house can’t delay it to make sure to have the votes to kill it. for the second time after the first attempt went down by one vote. the teachers pay bill is up for another vote and with some saying after getting told by their voters pass the thing some saying they will change their vote. and maybe avoid a third time the charm thing but odds are it may be needed as a second go at giving teachers a much long over due pay raise is a go this week house taking it for round two. hope no third time the charm thing. for the senate will pass it and send it to daugard without any problems.