and now with the teachers pay bill finaly taken care of the next big thing before the medicare expansion comes up and causes the state repubs to go on one of their crazy trains rides. next bill to soon learn its fate in now 24 hours will be the bathroom bill. for tues tommorrow is the day governor daugard will either sign the thing and thus send the message to trans students they better hold it if they need to go to the bathroom or just go to the one that is their birth sex or just ask for some special acommendations including lockers. or maybe he will have commmon sense and decide the risk of south dakota losing not only money from tourists who have said if that bill is signed along with the other discrimantion bills they will not visit the state plus also companies will like in other states who signed a similar thing wind up leaving the state pulling up roots. he will either sign it . veto it or do nothing and the thing will then become law any way. the bathroom bills final fate coming in 24 hours hopefuly imo its fate is the word in big letters on it veto .