another thing that should be a requirment for those lucky to get on shark tank and a meeting with the sharks themselves. is one have all nerves settled and be able to present you idea clearly as one lady learned the hard way when the moment she presented her idea for a new brand of tea she lost a chance for deal just by opening her mouth for the sharks one by one said no deal mostly due to her not being clear on her pitch that they could get the info they needed to even consider a deal. and thus she left the shark tank crying that she blew it. as for the others who were on they did better. from a lady who created a new back strap . she got a deal from Lori but almost lost it when she said she needed to go make a phone call to her partner. then came a guy who combined using cryogenics with a sauna and got a deal and one of the sharks did try it robert. then came a new form of the bike lock no deal. as one learns the hard lesson be clear on your pitch or the sharks won’t even want to hear what you have to say and send you packing right away.