and thus getting one step closer to Negan and the carnage to come.after Jesus making a interesting impression mostly catching Michone and rick doing the wild thing. he decides to introduce the gang to his group at the hill top and maybe help them get a deal for some supplies as Abraham coins what is sure to day be a new sex term. pouring the bisquick when he learns glen put a bun in maggie’s oven who winds up taking charge in making the deals with hilltops leader gregory who comes off as a snake crawling out of some slime . even hitting on her. the deal rick and co offer to take out the saviors and Negan and in exchange the hill top give them some supplies. gregory the coward fans from the comic know he is makes the deal . and thus rick and co getting closer and closer to the carnage that is going to come from the force that is Negan. as a snake comes a calling.and maggie proves she is one lady no one should mess with plus a leader and deal maker like rick. more sane.