and thus sending a message to the legislature that he proably like the state will not tolerate hate and bigotry and also risk the state winding up paying a high price . gov daugard wound up having the final word on that trans gender bathroom bill by vetoing it . yes with some common sense and finaly seeing how stupid and how bad it would make south dakota look in the end including sending a message to transgender people in south dakota they are not welcom and put them at risk for bullying but mostly the state would get a rep as being bigoted. the govenror vetoed the thing. and now its dead since to override a vetoe would take two thirds of the legislature which no doubt will try and override but by a miracle fail since the house passed this thing over whelmingly but the senate it did not have much support squeked by . as daugard finaly decides the fate of the bathroom bill. by the words vetoe the thing is dead for now.