and thus unlike medicare expansion which he pulled and may deal with in a special session. the governor manage after a long fought battle in the house. governor Daugard has gotten his one big thing he wanted this legislature session . south dakota teachers getting a pay raise as the south dakota senate passed the bill with the tax increase. which next means after drawing up the paper work for it it goes to the governors desk which means teachers in south dakota will be getting a little more money . long over due but still not enough for teachers. as the senate unlike the house . says here south dakota teachers we agree you are not being paid enough yet. as the senate passed the pay raise bill and all that is left is daugards signature proably by the end of this week now or proably it being the final bill he signs for this legislature term. odds are once on his desk given how much he wanted it he is going to have the pen out and sign it as teachers in south dakota one step closer to getting a much over due pay raise now . just needing to be sent to the governors desk then out the pen goes and the governor writes. a double good day for south dakota first that assinine imo bathroom bill dies and now teachers get a much over due pay raise once the governor has officialy signs it proably by the end of the week or next.