and steven king just made fans who have waited a long time and figured that the dark tower after all its attempts including doing the saga as a movie and tv show one book for each . fell through and ron howard joined the long line of those who have tried and not been able to bring the dark tower to the big screen. steven king himself made it known that in now 7 weeks in south africa . both matt mconaughy and indris elba will be chasing each other as roland and the man in black their prize the dark tower with the idea now if the first film does well the others books will get their shots ala a lord of the rings thing.but after so long and stating the master of horror is not messing with fans mind by playing a cruel trick. steven king dropped a bomb shell the movie version of the dark tower is starting up in seven weeks. though will believe the film is at long last a reality when enough foottage is made for a trailer .