and winding up with one parent calling the house members cowards and wanting to turn his kid into a matry by saying they think south dakota should wait till the fda does its testing and proves medical Marijuana is safe even the canibas version that has none of the effects of the drug that causes highs. yes as expected medical marijuana is not going to be for sale in south dakota plus the fact house members after voting down the bill also earned the wrath of the parent whose kid who the canibos oil would help and proably keep him alive for another year. called the house members nasty for also saying those who want to use that form of medical marijuana should move to a state that legalized it . but the house proved with teachers pay bill to be a bunch of loud mouths whining babies. and now instead of maybe taking a risk and possibly helping people with sever seizures at last get some help including parents for their kids. the house shoots down the medical marijuana bill then insults some and also says wait til the fda okays it and studies it knowing full well that will never happen. time to do some house cleaning in south dakota now .