and saying a big fuck you to woman which should not be a surprised given how they also tried to pass a law allowing discrimantion against unmarried woman too. both governor daugard and the south dakota legislature with a wave of his pen just said a big fuck you to womans right when it comes to their bodies and their health . for the governor has signed a bill banning abortions at 20 weeks any doctor who performs them could be fined and jail time. which now will make it harder for a woman to get an abortion if their health is in danger from the pregancy plus the bill also did include a execption for rape or incest not to mention medical sciece proved the fetus does not start feeling things till 24 weeks . not 20 weeks as some legislature started believeing when they voted on that thing. and passed it. as south dakota just said a big fuck you to woman when it comes to their rights including their right to an abortion. which has twiced been gureenteed by roe vs wade. next the lawsuits start . for odds are the thing will hopefuly be found unconstitutional .