and thus the final top six of american idol have been chosen now. with the clock ticking closer and closer to the end of an era and the series. with first the top eight paired doing duets including dalton and mckenzie doing a back street boys tune i want it that way which had harry going off on a rant about if they knew the true meaning of that song. aka the sexual over tones. then after wards one by one the ones who got into the top six had to sing another song. with two going home who turned out to be lee and avalon. leaving la porsha. mckenzie. trent. tristian. sonia. and dalton yes dalton who really has an advantage in this contest being a former boy bander himself and also knowing how the music industry works having had a record deal at one time. dalton made it in and would not be surprised if he is one of the final two battling it out for the crown. and being known as the final american idol as the final top six chosen. as the clock ticks down to the end. of a legacy and chosing the very last american idol.