and at last the very worse thing one could ever create and then have the balls to show up on shark tank and try and get a deal for the sharks came. as a couple of guys got the bright idea that one needed a night light for the toilet yes a night light for the toilet called ilumiabowl and yes it sounds like a novelty item which had most of the sharks saying no deal. only to be shocked when mr wonder ful made a deal for it yes mr wonder ful gave the guys a deal. then had them have the lights light their display as his face. then came a modcraft a a new online brewery where buyers determine the flavor of the beer and even though the sharks like the samples and the idea they did not get a deal which had some viewers surprised. then came a guy with unicorn outfits no deal. and last a couple who found a new way to keep pets entertained. they got a deal. but still the shark tank biggest thing was the worse idea ever the toliet lights for can see maybe if one has to get up late at night to do their business and don’t want to take time to turn on the light. but other wise the whole idea is kind of stupid not to mention one would think the water from the toilet would short circuit the lights. plus the idea is kind of stupid