and if nothing else the new cast of the grand daddy of reality tv the real world. go big or go home will have some training in when some of them show up on the challenge later on the grand daddy of reality tv. mtvs real world showed it was not dead after so long with no seasons. came back with the cast comprised of ceejai. j. dean kalinea dione who looked like a tarzan doll.sabrina and chris. wound learning that if they want to live in the real world house in vegas they have to do challenges now like the first one jumping out of a balloon. if they don’t they get sent home by the other roommates voting them off plus the season will have each cast member confronting a fear and surprise this season. as the grand daddy of reality tv is back with the cast not just laying around the house. now and getting some training in for the challenge too . as real world hits 31 with go big or go home. wonder who will be the first to go home.