even though odds are mostly as one of the first acts of both the new president and new congress mostly if it winds up thanks to trump in dems control again. mostly thanks to congress not wanting the president to end his presidency with the u.s and cuba peace included the embargo being dead at last. since given even with dems getting some repubs support odds are no bill to finaly lift the cuban embargo could wind up being voted on till proably a new president. and congress .even as it looks more and mores so even after the presidents visit to cuba is done that the next chapter of cuba and the u.s having a new relationship besides maybe castro not only thrown from power and a democractic cuba arises plus fideal at last dead. looks like the next chapter in the saga of cuba and the united states being friends again is about to soon by proably the next president and congress written at last. the embargo lifted. days starting to get numbered closer and closer.