and guess the critics hatred of batman vs superman is not enough kryptonite to really hurt the thing for not only has it become number one at the box office with a take of 170 million but a few records payed the price at the man of steel and dark knights and the amazon warriors hands.mostly the film took some box office records a first for a warners film. including taking harry potter and the deahtly hollows as the sixt biggest opening film in history but also the hunger games record for the best opening of march too though marvel still holds some records mainly fourth fifth and sixth best. as the box office has a new champion now the man of steel and the dark knight teamed up for the first time ever with wonder woman too. in live action. as batman v superman king of the box office and crushes some records now could it wind up on the highest grossing films of all times list too. and thus set another record as first dc film to do so if it happens?