and thus what has to be a little karma for proving to be so bigoted and homophobic by being in favor for wanting to make south dakota the first state to make it so trans genders students have to use the bathroom of their birth sex. and being against a teachers pay raise if it had to be paid for by a tax raise of the penny sales tax. some of the legislatures made it known they are done now with the legislature they will not seek reelection for their seat which means though doubtful it will finaly put south dakota in democrats at last it means some fresh blood is now needed who hopefuly will be more focused on the issues like teachers pay and education and the other big issues for south dakota instead of deciding to waste time on dicating who can use the bathroom. as some karma comes a calling to the south dakota legislature some legislatures quit and avoid winding up looking for a new job by being voted out .due to their actions.