and looks like the calm before the storm of destruction that is Negan is over with for rick as co though Negan won’t do his damage at last till the finale next week. still the episode had the saviors do damage. from a broken carol having to start killing again on some goons who come after her including impaling one . to daryle leaving after glen and michone who also go searching for carol tell him to go back home to alexandria that carol is not some weak lady . but daryle goes on his own being head strong. and rick and michone getting some romance going only for rick and morgan and her to join the search and then all hell breaks lose. from morgan confessing about the wolf he held prisoner to rick and did not kill him and that led to them losing that one doctor. and then they depart rick handing him a gun. as glen and michone are captured by some saviors and dwight yes the old snake comes a striking and then says hello when daryle comes a calling to try and pull some rescue including what will have fans going nuts wondering . and hoping that some how dwight saying sorry about this daryle but you will be fine when he shoots him dwight is not not lieing like he only shot daryle with a flesh wound. as the calm is over with the storm now blowing and its full fury comes next week in the season finale. the walking destruction known as Negan which means some one will at last meet lucille. will daryle survive just to take a bat to the head or is glen gone like in the comics. as the saviors come a calling and pave the way for Negan once and for all some one in the finale going byebye.