and thus on a bar rescue update proving that some times no matter how he tries even john tappert is unable to really fix the owners of the bar he rescues as the two meat head former stripper body builders showed up for an update and made it known that they are back at where they were when john tried to rescue them at each others throats and not trusting each other to the point the two broke up their partnership and formed separated bars are trying to sabotage each other . but mostly the meat heads are back as two bucking bulls fighting each other. then came that one sexist guy who said who got his butt kicked and finaly made to eat his sexist views by one of johns experts and got a rematch and revealed he has hired some more woman bartenders he learned his lesson proably because he did not want mia coming back and kicking his butt again and showing him once again how woman are just as good even better behind the bar as male bartenders. as bar rescues gives some updates of some interesting former clients. the big one being the end of the meat heat body builders partnership.