and going to be joining terry gilliam come sept now that some studio decided that its time to risk things and write the final chapter on the journey of the man who killed don quixote . is none other then the war doctor from doctor who himself john hurt and also playing the guy who gets transported to dons time john o connel. though no word on who will pick up as pancho the role johnny depp had when the thing fell apart the first time. and original terry said he wanted to wait till johnny was free before attempting another go at the film. but guess he finaly a long time ago decided time to move on. as come sept helping out terry gillium finaly bring his dream to reality and write the last chap of one of hollywoods most cursed films . is the war doctor himself john hurt and jack o connel as the guy who winds up switching times with don. though the big question will they wind up not only at last shooting the thing in sept but finish it once shooting starts at last.