though given how cursed the man who killed don quioxote is . with the new now that a company alfama films has wound giving terry gillum the one key he finaly needed to at long last after trying and trying only to have his dream protect fall apart which was well documented in the film the man of la manchu. after all this time terry gillums dream project which like del torro and the mountains of maddness he has never given up on even after losing sets in a flood. his original lead leaving due to injury plus losing the rights to now have them. the big thing for so long being funding but now taking a chance given the films cursed history alfama films is risking winding up with bragging rights of being the company that was responsible for one of hollywoods craziest film journeys ending with the thing at last made. taking a risk and giving terry the 18 million budget to make it at last. though given how long its taken will believe the thing finaly became a reality when terry has shot enough for a trailer. proving no film is ever truely dead in hollywood even cursed films like the man who killed don quixote. it lives again with terry having the final key and planning to start shooting in sept.