and thus after so long of waiting and laying the ground work for him Negan arrived. and jeffery dean morgan nailed the part on the walking dead. as when rick and co decided they needed to get maggie some where for help they wind up with a whole mess of trouble the saviors keep coming as morgan goes after carol and both have another discussion espicly after morgan saves carol again about killing carol refusing to still kill then she vanishes leaving morgan to wind up with horse and in what could be the kingdom group . while rick and crew deal with the saviors and soon find themselves over whelmed and captured which brings on Negan who says hi but makes it clear to rick and co a price is to be paid now for them killing the saviors and as expected just like spoiler warnings in the comic with glen. Negan takes and introduces Luciells to some one but who is not revealed a cliff hanger for the new season . so it still could be glen it could daryle as most suggested or even sasha. as the big bad has come at last to walking dead . Negan and he introduced himself and lucille in his own evil way. some one will not be back next season on the walking. dead.