and with the horses now busy racing the quilifiers to be able to run in the kentucky derby in two weeks now after this week and also try and follow american pharoh and also pull off the ulimate horse racing shocker another triple crown . seems that a dark horse who could be a shocker and derby contender who also is following americans pharoh play book by sneaking in to win on the rail or he did till replay showed the winner was out look. any way seems a horse named trojan nation has emerged a a dark horse contender now for a chance at the derby. by his performance at the quilifier for the derby. plus also taking a play out of american pharohs book. though one other horse who won his owners won’t enter her into the derby at all and let her show maybe she could have also taken the triple crown the horses name my wahsan.. as the contenders start showing their stuff battling it for the first step now to try and follow american’s pharohs lead and by quilifing now for the kentucky derby two weeks left now after this week.