just like tery gilliams the man who killed  don quixotie. . one other film is legendary in hollywood for being cursed with being so close yet every time it looks like fans of the legendary orson wells will at last see the other side of the wind . things fall apart. and just when it looked like the legendary film had all the knicks worked out to be a reality mostly the legal battle between orsons daughter and his partner who is suppose to edit the thing and orson mistress who with the company that controls the negatives mostly she was suppose to have sent orson long time editor the negative at last so the plans to have the thing finaly put together for orsons hundred birthday is a reality even had a kickstarter campain to raise funds to do the work that now wound up because of the latest stuff had some demanding refunds . plus netflix throwing their hat into the circle trying to make a deal for the broadcast rights of the the thing wound up being what caused the old curse to strike again. as just when orson wells legendary other side of the wind would at long last  see itsself complete thanks netflix and the greed of orsons mistress the old curse strikes the thing again. though given that terry finaly is making his dream film and given that orsons wells long time partner and family and fans keep the thing alive. odds are what will be the ultimate film doing a phoenix. some how orson wells dream of the other side of the wind being a reality will at last be fullfilled.