john taperts latest bar he rescues winds up not only with a little touch of british since one thing on the menu is old fish and chips but finds the reason he had been called there is because the owner is drinking away profits yes just like a few other bars with amy from o face the top of the list. the owner of the bar is caught drinking the profits . and also showing he does not know what he is doing including getting into a fight with one of johns experts when the kitchen is found to be a total mess and saying he has people who is suppose to clean it and also wanting to get into a shouting match with john . that any one who watches the show knows is a good way not only to have john walk out on you but also proof that one can’t swallow their egos and be happy john is wanting to help. as he gets the bar back on track including the fish and chips . as profits are stopped from going down the tube at the latest bar rescue target.