and looks like what not only should give the judge who will have to hear the thing not to mention if by some odd way it ends up at scotus should give the justices a laugh if they would take an appeal even. the internet sensation of 2012 grumpy cat now has found herself with her fame expanded some more years after she was first a hit.but this time in a way no one involved wanted mostly a nasty lawsuit has been filed against the company that controls grumpy cat aka tardar sauce the real name of her. by a beverage company that licensed a brand of grumpy cat ice coffee products but broke the contract and also hijacked the online domain grumpy the plantifs say they only granted grenade beverages the okay for ice coffees instead they created a brand of other coffee too. grenade says the company is in breach of contract for they okayed the whole deal but then started interfering and not working with the company including wanting the deal to include the formation of a bevarge company plantifs would have a stake in. as for grumpy cat herself over this thing odds are she is not happy . and grumpy