and thus a long time circus era comes to an end ans in ri. ringly bros committed some circus history by making it known that they are going to never have their elephants peform again their next act is they are going to be spending their time at a sanctury and be used for breeding and even medical research. but mostly what is an end of a long circus era at last since odds are if ringly bros is doing it other circuses are going to follows mostly now due to cities and state banning the hook used to train elephants under the idea using it is cruel to the intelligent creatures that plus having the humane society and peta after them helped make the decision too but mostly the circus finaly decided that its time to call the curtain on the elephants being in the greatest show on earth they are now headed for a new home. since zoos who have elephants never make them put on a show plus given that elephants have a rep for being mean. it a burden lifted for the other circus acts not to mention the poor soul who had the job of cleaning up elephant poop .