and thus the sharks seem to be so accustomed after so long to be working together that they are even making deals for each other as barbara did for lauria when a woman came in with her frosting company dollop and wound up with barbara making an offer along with mr wonderful and making her offer with lauri involved lauri said now but barbara still struck a deal. and then she did it again on a makeup company. then some one needs to make it a new meme. a couple of kids came in with their snap on jewelry company making big deal but when the sharks started doing their thing. the young lady started letting her nerves get to her and started crying which had robert coin the phrase kevin aka mr wonder ful will you leave the tank your making the children cry the thing should be a new meme . kevin your making the children cry . but they did not get a deal . then came a group who created the love child of a skateboard and surfboard calling it of all things the spooner and needed the sharks to help them expand and wound up with a deal by barbara and mr wonder ful so fast before the other sharks could make a deal. plus proving now the sharks have been together so long they are making deals for each other . not to mention surprised the censors allowed the guys to reveal their product name with being censored.