and trying to rebuild the machine does not keep going right for finch and root who not only becomes finchs room mate but argues over getting the machine back to fight sarmaritin and save shaw. who producers have is part of the show . she will show up proably near the finale. while the machine stil trying to return shows some scare glitches mostly thinking finch and root and john and fussco are threats and even sending an asassin after john. yes the machine sends some one to take out john plus tries to take out root too through her implant. something finch programed the machine not to do which means another shut down or reboot. only to have the machine figure out at last they are not threats. and closer to being back to normal. as person of interest still does not let the machine return go off with out hitches. as the show gets closer and closer to the end with another new one tonight already. burning off the show .