if nothing else should they some how bring liz back once the actress is off maturnity leave. tom and red have just proven they can get along . even as tom is against reds latest plan espiclaly finding red come to him and want to hold his kid. as red reveals how he and the force with help from their ally will get lizes killer or at least make him come to them by stealing funds the guy is giving to a presidental canidate . which requires the task force to work with some of those who tried to take out liz. which doesn’t make tom happy but it gets the results with their query even telling red its on now and then tom when he moves to kill their ally . red stops him dropping a big bomb that she is really his long lost mother and she still believes that tom as a child went missing . as the first shot and bombs are dropped in reds plans for justice for liz. plus some back ground reveiled on tom mostly long lost family. till he whacks mommy dearest