though it manage to make some marvel and no doubt the abc exec who finaly made the call to not only not go ahead with a agent carter spin off called marvels most wanted that would have fetured fan fav monkingbird . but also winding up putting a bullet in agent carter by pulling the plug . by saving for another season agents of shield the exec who made the call might have saved his or her job. since the person also decided due to low ratings and finaly figuring out that kermit and co don’t belong behind a desk ala a muppets version of the office. made the call what is looking like a new blood bath now for the networks. made the call also and canceled the mupppets yes the muppets could not even survive the tv season. though given its ratings and those who were watching it just for nonstalia reasons and not hooking a new generation of fans. kermit and co not being back is kind of good for their legacy for maybe it will give abc and disney another chance to figure out how to do kermit and miss piggy and co right like in their hey day. as bullets keep flying at abc the next ones to fall agent carter and kermit and the muppets. yes abc canceled the muppets .