and now once again those getting into the shark tank are either doing it just to try and as mr wonderful told one who was pitching his idea gold dig or actully their smarts wind up touching the sharks in their hearts. even mr. wonderfuls greedy one. as first came a guy who is doing sleepaway camps for grown ups and wants the money to epand. the sharks one by one say nope think the guy is nuts and no deal. then come s a couple of former repo men who created a way to protect cars that would have been good when sandy hit. though only winds up after turning down a deal with mr wonderful that includes a royalty for life. takes one with dameon. then came a young lady at 15 years old who created some new lacross gear but none of the sharks were biting but lauri did say she was humbled with the ladies spunk in making the stuff. then came a guy who fixes old pin ball machines and sells them to places no one would expect. and actully manages to get a deal . showing even old things like pin balls can get new life and even manage to be bait for the money of shark tank