and thus the saga of roman polanski winding up still pursed by the u.s even though he did his time for his rape charges and only fled because the judge was not going too honor the plea agreement and was too chicken to fight the thing out on appeals. just when after poland ruled it was not going to honor the latest request by the u.s to extradite roman. polands ag just wound up adding a new chapter to the saga saying he would appeal the court ruling that turned down the request to not extradite roman for child rape charges. yes poland which is one of the countries roman figures he was free to not worry of being extradited now winds up possibly having to cancel plans to film a movie there if he could face the prospect of being extradited to the u.s at long last. even though he served some of his sentence for the rape charges and any u.s prosicutor who would try him again would face a hard sell to a jury since his victim has said time and time again she has forgiven him and would not testify if he was retried with out her testimony no case. ye the saga of the u.s hell bent goal to some how have roman polanski back on u.s soil and in a court house. continues with help from poland though like all the other times what are the odds the court will actully rule on appeal roman can be extradited and then how would they get roman since he lives in france and france does not extradite their citiens same with switterland where he is a duel citien and also lives. the sage of roman polanski and the u.s long time obsession to have him back continues with poland filing an appeal to help the u.s fulfill that goal.