and thus one of the films based on a steven king work that is on hollywoods remake list has now gotten a big major thing taken care of mainly casting old penny wise himself with the director and studio after losing their first choice to try and fill the shoes left behind by tim curry when he did the role in the original carryy funtunaga dropping out .diirector andy muschiti has found his pennywise now none other then hemlock grove actor bill skarsguard . who will now be playing the evil killer clown that the main leads in the book have to fight almost all their lives plus also proving the remake is not a literal translation of the book the thing will be done was two movies the first being the kids of the story go up against pennywise. then the second they are adults having to once and for all go up against pennywise and stop him for good. plus the time line of the films are set from the 80s for the kids to current day for the adult version where the book was the 50s to the eighties. though the big thing is bill will have some very big shoes to fill to pull off penny wise mostly since most fans will be comparing his take to the legendary tim curry’s take on the evil killing clown of hell . not to mention will fans like that even steven kings stuff is on the remake wagon. should be interesting to see if the studio doing the remake can have movie goers scared of penny wise again .