if nothing else person of interest is going out with some fireworks besides maybe by the finale june 21 finch. and reeces shaw and funsco proably going out and joining root in heaven. mostly due to the uproar and accustions by some glbt groups that roots death by a gun shot as she protected finch and raced to get him to safety which wound up being a safe house by lisus yes lius the old mob boss who proved as hard to kill as a cocroach wound up helping finch and co one more time. as shaw after rejoining the group but still fearing she was compromised by what the samaritum people put her through wound up telling root to leave and get to safety with finch as reese and fusco took care of other guys. only to wind up with root taken out and finch deciding enough is enough and deciding to use the machine to go after samaritum who wound up with roots voice. root became one with the machine at last but the real fireworks were some groups were upset over roots death saying that it was another bit of tv execs killing off gay characters just for the shock value of the death. which now has the producers doing damage control making it known since day one the end game was that not every one was going to get out with a happy ending when the show wound up characters would die. including finch reece. and yes root. plus also lisus nine lives ran out at last too in the episode. as person of interest swan song gives it a bang it did not expect . uproar over making root the first of the group to die before the end game is over with . followed by lius.