and its only been 24 hours since god decided he wanted the legendary muhamed ali in the great boxing ring in sky. and thus for his family in a way now ended his suffering with parkinsons disease as he passed at at 74 from a respitory illness friends and fans are looking back at the legacy he left behind besides his boxing career like the legendary thriller in maniller. with joe fraiser and his fight with george forman. ali also was a guy who left a legacy of being for civil rights but mostly the world has lost a rare legend that is hard to describe in a few words and even the presidental canidates said their condelonces though trump is getting some slack for what he twittered. other wise the world is now looking back and mourning the loss of a rare one of a kind guy since its only been 24 hours since god decided i want muhamad ali up here now in my own personal ring. rip ali your legacy has made you one of the immortals . and one who is hard to describe after all you did over your career.