and thus besides proably by the end of the week if not next bernie saying he is finaly done and won’t fight the losing battle for the nom. hiliary wound up with two big keys needed to fight and maybe keep trump from being president. mostly two big endorsements. one from who could be her vice president. elizebeth warren. and the other big one from the president himself who is also working to get bernie to finaly accept its over hiliary is the choice that any more fighting would just hurt the dems and help trump . while repubs are trying to figure out how to run like hell from trump and not do damage to themselves including paul ryan. who only endorsed trump to get his agenda passed. as hiliary gets two big keys in her quest to be the first female president. the backing of elizebeth and also the president and would not be surprised if sanders backs her too. or some repubs who don’t want to help trump at all.