and thus proving though its still not any more clerks yet. kevin smith is not done with his view askew universe at all. he revealed that coming soon to tv and instead of a long teased movie now that the sequel to of all his view askew universe things mall rats is now going to be coming to tv as a ten episode series yes. mall rats returns with a sequel as a tv series for universal asked kevin to so since kevin was trying to buy back the rights but universal never gives up its property they own. like mall rats. no word and when the pilot will be shot and shopped around . and if succesful could kevin do other of his view askew universe things like that too like chasing amy the tv series the next gen or clerks the tv series live action this time or even a jay and silent bob the tv show though given kevins busy scedule that last one would be impossible to do. a clerks tv show would be cool also.