and thus the nation starts the process now of not only honoring and grieving with the victims of the purge night club shooting. for them and their loved ones who now have to say goodbye to their family member way too soon. but also answers are being looked for of what pocessed the nut case to go postal and turn a night out into carnage. not to mention will this act be the thing that at least since gun control is impossible with the nra at least maybe get congress to reinstate the ban on the weapon the monster used. plus the fact that the healing process now begins . and of course sadly some politicians including trump will proably use this for gain. but mostly now the nation rallies for orlando and the families whose loved ones became ducks in a shootng gallery by a nut case who walked into a night club and opened fire. not to mention more so made it a hate crime too since the club was a gay hot spot. too bad this thing can’t be the rally call of the nation saying enough is enough no more of this crap. no more innocent people should die because of some nut case who should never have been allowed to get the weapon he used. espically if they also pledge loyalty to a terroist group like the killer did on the phone to isis.