and what has to be a first and historic given how gun control is the one thing congress will never ever do anything about mostly because they don’t want the nra going after them. and two any gun control law may not face muster by a court challenge and could get the justices of scotus to strike them down as a violating the second amendment. but showing that some in congress have had enough of the all the tragedy and that orlanda was the tipping point. one congress member wound up taking the step and did a filebuster of some spending bills and said he will not stop till gun control moslty a bill that would restore the assault weapon ban and also create a terroist data base. is considered and voted on and he has help from some fellow dems. at least in the senate the house odds are even if the thing passes by a miracle the house will kill it . as some in congress finaly say enough is enough and actully try to go get some gun control using the old filebuster sadly the bills will die.