and the chefs on master chef got a rare surprised as wolf gang puck dropped in and did some judging with gordon and alex since the show only has two judges this time and in doing show lit a fire under one chef de andre by telling him his dish he made for the challenge he would not serve it in his restuarant. which lit the fire under the guy to not only prove he has what it takes to be in the master chef kitchen but redeem himself and make even a chef legend like wolfgang eat some crow too. by doing so in the next challenge which was the chefs had to recreate a fish dish by gordon . which wound up being the dish that sent one of the oldest in the group this time around phil packing since not only did he forget some of the ingredients but also cooked the kous kous that is part of the dish wrong. as one chef gets some fire going thanks to wolf gang puck dropping in to the master chef kitchen to say hello.