and not only does the next episode kind of hint jesse . tulip and cassidy may soon at long last as fans of the source material preacher knows start their journey to find god. but the latest episode showed tulip and cassidy are quit a pair when after she goes to the brothel seeking revenge when one of her friends a hooker who works there is killed by odeyus who jesse makes a deal come to church and believe or jesse will turn over the land. and using the power jesse wins the bet. as the angels start to get nervous . and tulip while seeking her revenge runs into cassidy and learns he is a vampire when rushing him to the er after one of her plans go bad she discovers his secret when she finds him hidden drinking his own blood then he tells her he prefers liqour . as jesse uses the power more and tulip and cassidy hook up on preacher . which given the chemistry of the actors when the characters finaly start the journey its going to be interesting to watch . and also wait for the saint of killers to start hunting them plus if amc will allow herr star to have his look from the comics or a clone of jesus .