if nothing else never say the dems are not persistant when they have reached their breaking point on certain issues . and also what has to be a big fuck you to the nra for a bit even after the senate shot down as expected gun control bills that came up for a bill even though another chance is in the works. and also knowing the house would never consider a vote. on the issue it looked all but dead again. till now as chaos has just hit the house instead of voting on some spending bills and also trying to work on doing away with obamacare . the house wound up with chaos as dems saying enough is enough we want a gun control debate are now staging a sit down in the house chamber and also telling paul ryan to forgo the break coming and set up a debate. and they are not going to move till it happens. as the tragedy in orladano has lit the flames of gun control to the point congress is at last trying it including even the dems taking a page from the repubs playbook and are saying we want to talk and a vote no messing around . the vote gun control. things are getting crazier and crazier now in congress